Join our guests as we gather to open our hearts, educate, nurture creativity, discover healing and so much more.. These are all ways in which we create community, banish isolation, and empower ourselves and each other, and we want to share this with you!


Be a part of GROWTH. Together we are bridging communities and empowering one another on various levels


An essential focus for all of our events is to support and feature various charitable organisations that resonate with our purpose.




COCHRANE Mother Ship: The Eagles Nest Stoney Family Shelter


SETON Mother Ship: The Nest Foundation



Your ticket includes the cost of your 3-course dinner, prepared customized especially for us!  We love to spoil our guests and reward them for investing this time in themselves. You won't be disappointed!


And we welcome our two guest speakers or GUIDING LIGHTS as we fondly refer to them, because they are, exactly that.

They guide and inspire us with their knowledge, skills and expertise.


We pride ourselves in providing you access to some of the most influential, professional speakers in the emerging arena of Women's Empowerment and the Divine Feminine Uprising. Each is qualified in their area of expertise and comes highly recommended by our Mother Ship Founder.


.And of course, we end our evening with our CLOSING CIRCLE: This is an essential, powerful and beautiful element to our events, allowing each guest the opportunity to consolidate their growth and set the intention for the coming weeks.



We look forward to welcoming you!!!











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