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The Mother Ship 'Why'

Updated: Apr 4, 2018

As The Mother Ship catches more and more peoples attention, I thought I should share our 'why'. After all, she is becoming quite the 'entity', with a captain and crew, entertainment and guests, and most importantly, a purposeful voyage.

You see, its all about 'The Journey's'.

First there was 'Mamaita's Journey'. That was my journey to stop existing and start living. A journey that began with a blog to explain to my son why his 'Mamaita' was as bat shit crazy as she is and had taken the bold step of removing him from my, our, family, leaving us estranged. The 'black sheep'. As I shared my story through my blog, I began to realize the powerful messages it bore within and how it was empowering others to seek their own understanding of what I now refer to as 'The Mother Wound'. It empowered them to seek the ways to heal it. I soon learned that my clinical expertise and personal experience combined with my intuitive coaching skills were a unique combination that I could use to develop my own unique approach to healing.

And so was born 'The JOY Program'. JOY is an acronym for 'Journey Of You'. I had developed a beautiful 'map' that empowered others to navigate their own journeys, with me at their side. As the positive results came forth, so did the immense satisfaction that I finally knew, and was realizing, my life purpose: to empower others. I channeled my passion and innovation into what I now knew would be hugely impactful not only for me and my loved ones, but others and their loved ones too. To realize my passion to reach as many others as possible, I developed my public speaking and writing skills, sharing as widely as possible.

As I shared through the power of speech and written word I networked and discovered others who were as passionate as me about sharing their life purpose. Another realization came to the fore: I wanted to empower these other 'guiding lights' to share their skills, gifts, expertise and experience just as I was. My belief that 'together we are stronger' was making more and more sense as I journeyed onward. I wanted these individuals to become the successful entrepreneurs they deserved to be. I wanted to provide a vehicle for their learning and a platform from which they could launch. And so was born the Calgary Chapter of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce.

And then there were the women. I had long acknowledged the power of women coming together and bore a deep rooted respect for those who journeyed before, alongside and after me. This came from my many years as a Midwife, (the name itself taken from the Latin for 'With Woman' had always had a deep rooted meaning to me), and I marvelled at the many precious journeys I shared as I witnessed women bringing new life. I was fascinated by the history of women and community, sistership and, of course, having been deprived by my own, motherhood. This led me to the ancient history and wisdom of 'Women's Circles' through the ages. I studied to become a facilitator of this powerful concept, eventually gaining the confidence to begin my own circle. For 7 years 'Bats in the Belfry' met on an ad hoc, and eventually, a more structured basis, growing alongside my own growth within circle.

Bit there was still one 'missing' piece of my map. I wanted to empower women less fortunate than myself. I had learned and healed from the years of emotional abuse by my Narcissistic Mother and I was no longer a 'victim' of vicious rape. While these patterns of abuse had eventually broken me, I had eventually emerged, stronger, wiser and more determined than ever to empower others to do the same. And along came dear friend, the founder of a charity called Gems for Gems. Little did I now that this was that 'missing piece' and that this cause would become a big part of my life and purpose.

It was during one of our many conversations about how our respective business and cause were gathering an exciting rate of growth, that the idea of The Mother Ship evolved. Credit goes to Jordan Guildford for her clarity in seeing The Mother Ship as the vessel to bring all my passions to one place.

“The Mother Ship is a vessel to empower individuals on multiple levels. Our Guiding Lights empower our Passengers with their life purpose, expertise and service. Our Passengers empower our Guiding Lights and our Vendors with their appreciation and interest. The Mother Ship Circle provides wisdom, support and nurture in a safe, secure, sacred space allowing growth and expansion. The Crew receive opportunity for business start up. And together we empower various charitable organizations in our communities to undertake their meaningful work for their beneficiaries.”

And so was launched The Mother Ship!

Long may she sail!!

And long may she empower!!

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