'GROWING WOMEN FROM THE INSIDE OUT' ~ That is exactly the mission of 'THE MOTHER SHIP'.


'The Mother Ship' founder, Sam Bell, is passionate about empowering women and as a successful Women's Circle Facilitator, she recognises the POWER of women coming together in the right environment.


The Mother Ship Monthly events are designed to provide a safe, nurturing space where participants are empowered to own their feelings and experiences, to take creative risks, and to allow their deepest yearnings to take root and blossom.

Our guests gather together for a variety of reasons: support one another, discuss topics close to our hearts, educate, nurture creativity. These are all ways in which we create community, banish isolation, and empower ourselves and each other.





Our founder provides an opening intention bringing all present into space and describing the evening's agenda.

(Note: There will be a 50:50 draw at each event on behalf of our beneficiary 'Gems for Gems')



Your ticket includes the cost of your dinner so that our Guests may enjoy a modern twist on the comfort food provided by our Chef in the 'Kitchen Table Restaurant' and our Speakers do not have to compete with the ordering and serving of food.



Each event will feature two speakers, or as we call them, our 'GUIDING LIGHTS', each hand selected by our founder to empower, inspire and motivate our guests. These speakers are selected based on their integrity and professionalism. They have done the 'work' and have grown from the inside out. Along their respective journeys, they have gathered the skills and expertise to empower others along similar paths to their own. The Mother Ship provides these Guiding Lights with the opportunity to shine their lights bright and showcase their experience, expertise and skill whilst providing their audience with the tools to facilitate their own growth.


BOUTIQUE: Featured vendor tables (in addition to those of our speakers) are chosen specifically to compliment our evening theme and may be available for your interest and pleasure.



Each event is designed to facilitate socialisation and networking, both professional and personal. Featured vendor tables may be available for your pleasure but only if they add value to our guest's overall experience. The Mother Ship is not a 'hard sales' platform, rather an opportunity to discover the tools available for growth.



All of our events close with this essential, powerful and beautiful element that allows each guest the opportunity to consolidate their growth and set intention for the coming weeks. As an experienced Women's Circle Facilitator, Sam will lead circle, empowering others to lead in her place as they are guided to do so. 



The Mother Ship recognises the important role men have in growing and empowering women. We also recognise the important role women have in the growth and empowerment of men! This is the reason why men are NOT EXCLUDED from our events: as GUESTS to learn and support, as SPEAKERS, to empower and educate, as VENDORS to share and inspire. 


FUTURE VENUES: As part of the Growth Process, it is Sam's intention to provide an opportunity to all women to host their own Mother Ship Events. If you are interested in becoming a trained Mother Ship Facilitator, please speak with her directly.



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